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NY State Girls Champions

WFM Martha Samadashvili is the NY State K-12 girl qualifier for the 2020 Haring National Girls Tournament of Champions in St. Louis after winning the Open Section for the third time in a row!

Co-Champion Evelyn Zhu came the closest so far to stop Martha's impressive row of victories. Both got 5 point out of 6, but the tie-break favoured Martha in the end.

Congratulations to them both, and to all our NY State Girl Champions:

K-6 Champion Rose Morden from Chelsea Prep scored 6 out of 6. Second placed Aliana Fausto from Lower Lab followed a point behind.

The K-3 Champion Megan Paragua from School of Heros got 5.5 out of 6, with Summer Loh from Lower Lab half a point behind.

And K-1 Champion Alice Chovanec from Anderson won with 5 out of 5, with Emma Phu from the William T Harris School just half a point behind.

NY State Girl Team Champions

Eugenio Maria De Hostos (IS 318) won the Open Team Championship title, with the Dalton School one point behind.

K-6 Team Champions Chelsea Prep had an overwhelming result, scoring almost twice as many points as the second placed William T Harris School (PS 11).

K-3 Team Champions Lower Lab School also ran away with first place, 3 points ahead of TAG Young Scholars.

In K-1 we had Team Co-Champions Speyer Legacy and Dalton School, with Speyer Legacy inching ahead on tie-breaks to win the honor of receiving the top trophy.

Other section winners:

Sophie Surugladze from Irvington Middle School won K-12 Under 1200 with 5 out of 5. Naira Gonzales from Alexine A Fenty (PS 139) and Angelina Edwards from Sucess Academy BedStuy 1 Middle School both scored 5 out of 5 in K-6 Under 900, but Naira took 1st place by winning the play-off. Rose Kagan from Greenwich Village School won with 5 out of 5 in K-3 Under 600.

New record!

The NY State Girls Championship continued to grow! This 4th NYSGC broke the 300 participants level with 314 players joining the fun. This is an increase from last year's 295 players of more than 6 percent.


The top NY State player and team in each Champion section are NY State Champions, but out-of-state players are eligible for all other prizes.

Trophies to top 12 places in each section.
Trophies to top 3 unrated players in each 1-day section.

  • Grade Plaque to the top 3 players that are:
    • below 9th Grade in K-12 U1200
    • below 4th Grade in K-6 U900
    • below 2nd Grade in K-3 U600
    • below 1st Grade in K-1 Championship
Players can win both plaque and trophy.
All players scoring 4 or more in the 1-day sections, or 5 or more in 2-Day sections, but don't win a trophy receive a medal!

Grade results:

  1. K-12, Under 1200:
    • 1st, Grade 8/below: Sophie Surugladze
    • 2nd, Grade 8/below: Mahika Ralhan
    • 3rd, Grade 8/below: Kymora Banks
  2. K-6, Under 900:
    • 1st, Grade 3/below: Caitlin Adams
    • 2nd, Grade 3/below: Zoe Gregorius
    • 3rd, Grade 3/below: Mila Antonios
  3. K-3, Under 600:
    • 1st, Grade 1/below: Layton Kojima
    • 2nd, Grade 1/below: Nyla Choi
    • 3rd, Grade 1/below: Luoxi Lin
  4. K-1 Championship:
    • 1st, K/below: Lyla Guttman
    • 2nd, K/below: Leah Maya
    • 3rd, K/below: Mackenzie Hwee

Plaques also to the top 4 teams each section.

Team score based on top 3 scorers attending the same school. Even if schools "feeds" into another, they will be considered as different schools.

Individual free entry prize results

Free entries through 12/31/2020 to specified Continental Chess tournaments!

  1. Open Championship
    • 3 Free Entries: WFM Martha Samadashvili
    • 2 Free Entries: Evelyn Zhu
    • 1 Free Entry  : Ellen Wang
  2. K-6 Championship
    • 3 Free Entries: Rose Morden
    • 2 Free Entries: Aliana Fausto
    • 1 Free Entry  : Whitney Tse
  3. K-3 Championship
    • 3 Free Entries: Megan Paragua
    • 2 Free Entries: Summer Loh
    • 1 Free Entry  : Alexandra Phung
  4. K-1 Championship
    • 1 Free Entry  : Alice Chovanec
  5. K-12 Under 1200
    • 1 Free Entry  : Sophie Surugladze
  6. K-6 Under 900
    • 1 Free Entry  : Naira Gonzales
  7. K-3 Under 600
    • 1 Free Entry  : Rose Kagan

Free entries courtesy of Continental Chess Association and are valid for CCA tournaments, with 100% unconditionally guaranteed prize funds.

Not valid for NY State Scholastics in Saratoga Springs. See complete details and restrictions .


  • All player substitutions from the advance entry list will be charged a late fee.
  • Section switches will be subject to a $10 extra charge per player after November 21st.
  • We charge a $15 service fee for each player refund.
  • School purchase orders payable to: Chess Center of NY, PO Box 4615, New Windsor, NY 12553.


For questions, email the TD staff at


We are a nut free tournament! Please do not bring nuts or nut-containing items.

Registration may be limited to 350 players. Some entries may be subject to a waiting list.

Electronic score-sheets will not be allowed except in case of accessibility needs.

In that case, please file a request for exemption prior to the event, with the necessary supporting documentation. Players must use either the score-sheets provided by the organizer or their own written form of score-sheet or in a score-book.

This is a new NYSCA policy that will remove electronic score-sheets from competition for the 2019-2020 school year. It is similar to the policy at the US Chess National Events as outlined in the US Chess Scholastic Regulations, intended to promote the value of education with writing the moves during the game, and providing a level playing field for all participants.


Made possible with generous support from many contributors and helpers, including the Columbia Grammar and Prep School and the NY State Chess Association.

Organized by the Chess Center of New York and Little House of Chess.

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