January 9th and/or January 10th

Open to all girls from USA and Canada born after 1/10/2001; Out of state welcome!

We have 8 sections. Each section has its own age, grade, and rating requirements. Championship sections are open to all who meet age and grade limits; unrated players welcome in all sections.

Read the schedules below carefully. Some sections will be played on Saturday, Jan 9 OR Sunday, Jan 10 only. Other sections will be played over both days.

Playing in two one-day sections is allowed if you meet the age, grade, and rating requirements for both sections.

Two-Day Sections: 6 Rounds, Game/60 + 10 second increment.

    Round Times (EST): Sat, Jan 9: 10am-1pm-4pm; Sun, Jan 10: 10am-1pm-4pm.
    Entry fees: $58 thru 12/31/20, $75 by 6 pm EST 1/7

  • Open Championship: Open to girls born after 1/10/01. Top NYS K-12 girl qualifies for 2021 National Girls Tournament of Champions.
  • K-6 Championship: Open to grade 6 or below, born after 1/10/08.
  • K-3 Championship: Open to grade 3 or below, born after 1/10/11.

One-Day Sections: 5 Rounds, Game/30 + 5 second increment.

    Sat, Jan 9 only. Round Times (EST): 10am-12pm-2pm-4pm-6pm.
    Entry fees: $53 thru 12/31/20, $70 by 6 pm EST 1/7

  • K-9 Under 1000: Open to grade 9 or below, born after 1/10/05.
  • K-3 Under 600: Open to grade 3 or below, born after 1/10/11.
    Sun, Jan 10 only. Round times (EST): 10am-12pm-2pm-4pm-6pm.
    Entry fees: $53 thru 12/31/20, $70 by 6 pm EST 1/7

  • K-12 Under 1200: Open to grade 12 or below, born after 1/10/01
  • K-6 Under 800: Open to grade 6 or below, born after 1/10/08.
  • K-1 Championship: Open to grade 1 or below, born after 1/10/13.

Entry fees all sections: $100 after 6 pm EST 1/7/21

US Chess Federation Membership

During the tournament registration process you will get the opportunity to register or update your US Chess membership:

Age 24/ below: Premium Young Adult ($32 extra per player in advance for 12 issues Chess Life) or Regular Young Adult ($26 for online membership, no magazine).

Age 15/below: Premium Youth ($27 extra in advance for 6 issues Chess Life) or Regular Youth ($22 online membership, no magazine)

Age 12/below: Premium Scholastic ($22 extra in advance for 6 issues Chess Life Kids), or Regular Scholastic ($17 online membership, no magazine).

Individual Prizes

Plaques to the Top 8 finishers in each section.
Plaques to the Top 2 Unrated players in each One-Day Section

In detail

Bonus Grade medals

  • K-12 Under 1200: Top 3 players below 9th grade
  • K-9 Under 1000: Top 3 players below 7th grade
  • K-6 Under 800: Top 3 players below 4th grade
  • K-3 Under 600: Top 3 players below 2nd grade
  • K-1 Championship: Top 3 players in Kindergarten or below

Players can win trophy, plaque, and medal.

All players scoring 4 or more (5 or more in 2-Day sections) who don't win a trophy or plaque receive a medal! Playoff for 5-0 or 6-0 (after fair-play review is completed), may be fast game.

Team Prizes:

Plaques to the Top 4 teams in each section.

The top three scorers from the same school in a section count as a team (minimum of 2 players needed for team). All players on a team must attend the same school: no combined teams are allowed, even if one school “feeds” another.

How to Claim Prizes

Awards may be delivered first to schools or to coaches. Winners outside of NY, NJ or CT are responsible for shipping costs.

Once the Fair Play Review of the tournament games has been completed, prizes which have already been distributed will not be re-distributed.

Free Or Reduced Price Entry Prizes

2-Day Championship sections

Free/Reduced Price entry to three specified Continental Chess tournaments thru 12/31/21 to 1st Place, two free entries to 2nd Place, one free entry each to 3rd Place and 4th Place!

1-Day sections

One Free/Reduced Price entry to 1st Place & 2nd Place, courtesy of Continental Chess, valid for CCA non-scholastic tournaments.

Se www.chesscenter.cc or www.chesstour.com for complete details and restrictions.

Additional Info

  • Players (or parents of minors) must provide us with a phone number at which they can be contacted during the tournament.
  • Out-of-state players are eligible for free entry prizes in Championship Sections; only players in NY, CT, NJ, MA, PA, VT, ON or QC are eligible for free entry prizes in non-Championship sections.
  • The top NYS player and team in each Championship section are NY Champions.
  • All players in 2-Day Championship Sections must be visible on Zoom with side/rear camera angle; Zoom also required for prize eligibility in 1-Day sections.
  • Prizes are not official until after fair-play review of games is completed (may take about three weeks before prizes are then mailed out or delivered).
  • Online Regular rated; will not affect over-the-board (OTB) ratings.
  • Jan. 2021 official online regular ratings used for pairings, section & prize eligibility (OTB regular ratings used if no online regular rating), except unofficial ratings at uschess.org usually used if otherwise unrated.
  • TD reserves the right to assign estimated ratings to players with multiple and/or non-USCF ratings.
  • Substitutions from advance entry list charged late fee.
  • Section switches subject to $20 extra charge per player after 1/7 (no switches on game day).
  • $15 service charge for each player refund.
  • TD reserves right to reassign sections for advance entries with incorrect or unclear registrations.
  • Limit 2 byes, commit before rd. 3.
  • Players must stay logged into ICC when round starts in order to be paired!
  • Questions: director@chessgirls.win (or 347-201-2269: leave message, email is much better).
  • This tournament will contribute at least $1 per entry to the NYSCA Scholastic Fund.
  • School purchase orders payable to: Chess Center of NY, PO Box 4615, New Windsor, NY 12553.